About Chapman Hutchison

In this area, the company has broad experience, ranging from hi-tech glass curtain walling on futuristic looking buildings, to reproducing and/or incorporating an existing building facade.


Working across a broad spectrum of sites has allowed us to develop a thorough knowledge of all types of foundation materials and the specific skills each requires for excavation, underpinning and piling.

Our extensive experience in this sector has included

  • Buildings ranging from twelve to thirty floors
  • The use of slip form core walls
  • Shortened floor construction cycle times
  • Glass curtain wall construction
  • Off-site manufacture of construction elements
  • Post tensioned concrete floor techniques for column free floor areas
  • Composite steel construction

Close co-operation with builders can always produce some form of time or cost savings. In the case of one particularly difficult site at 35 Ryde Rd, Pymble, we were instrumental in developing a structural system that facilitated easier construction and resulted in saving an estimated six weeks of construction time.


Another project involved the construction of twin twelve and twenty storey towers at 799 Pacific Highway, Chatswood. The design brief was to produce "the best building north of the harbour". Close liaison with the builder developed some innovative structural design and construction techniques which considerably reduced the overall construction time. This project also included a pedestrian bridge over the Pacific Highway.


Occasionally we get involved in an “off the wall” project such as the creation of new 3000m2 office space within the shell of the heritage Eveleigh Railway workshop buildings.